Save Money with our Best Quality, Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Save money at One Price Cleaner ONE PRICE CLEANERS & ALTERATION goal is to keep you looking your best! We exercise the utmost care when processing and cleaning your garments and household items. We use the latest technology in removing stains and pressing your garments. All the work is done in our state-of-the-art facility in Everett using 100% environmentally safe equipment.

Dry Cleaning

Our experienced and highly trained professional cleaners will clean your clothes using the most appropriate methods, remove stains and store them properly for your next wearing.

We have designed different services for your specific needs:

• For convenience, use our free home and office pickup and delivery service.
• For speedy service, try our same day service.
• To save money and time, join our VIP Rewards Club.
• For ultra high quality individual cleaning, try our Classic Care Service.

We take great care in cleaning your suits, dresses, coats and sweaters, delicates, lingerie, ties, coats, sleeping bag, ski apparel, and other garments. Come visit us today at any of our eight locations or call us at 770-667-0030

Shirt Laundry

A clean, pressed shirt can provide you with a crisp professional look. When we launder your shirts, we tighten or replace buttons as needed.
Stains are removed and colors will be bright. Collars and cuffs are crisp and smooth. You can specify whether you want us to apply starch or not.
You can also choose to place cleaned shirts on a hanger or folded neatly into a bag.
We will always remember your preferences for shirt laundry and much more.

Pickup & Delivery

Save time and money. We will pickup and delivery your laundry to your home or office. Call us or fill out a form online.

Same Day Service

Are there times when you need a garment for an unexpected special occasion, or you were simply too busy to remember to have it cleaned for the occasion?
Don't worry! ONE PRICE CLEANERS & ALTERATION offers same day dry cleaning service from Alpharetta and Johns Creek.

Classic Care

ONE PRICE CLEANERS & ALTERATION is proud to offer our distinctive, highest quality dry cleaning service: Classic Care. Classic Care is specially designed for your most precious garments, including:

■ Wedding gowns, christening gowns
■ Evening gowns and prom dresses
■ Delicate and hard-to-clean fabrics such as silk, cashmere, satin, and linen
■ Beads, sequins, snaps, buttons, lace and bows
■ Vintage clothing Our Classic Care service provides
■ Personal attention given to each of your garments by our trained specialists.
■ Inspection of each item to ensure expert spot removal.
■ Hand finishing and fabric restoration to enhance the life of your garment.
■ Minor alterations at No Extra Charge.
■ Guarantees button and trim protection.
■ Water-repel complimentary on all rainwear.
■ Exclusive Classic Care packaging to store your garments in perfect condition for the next wearing.

So bring us your wedding gowns, evening gowns, prom dresses, silk, cashmere, beads and sequins. Our detail-oriented specialists will carefully hand-clean and finish each piece individually to ensure perfection.


Next time you visit ONE PRICE CLEANERS & ALTERATION, bring along all those garments you've been meaning to mend or alter. Our experience Tailor will have your clothes altered and returned to you in no time.

Our custom sewing and alteration services include:

• Sleeves and hems (pants, dresses, skirts, etc.)
• Size alterations
• Seams
• Patches
• Taking in and letting out waists
• Zipper repair
• Lining and pockets repair
• Beadwork
• Buttons, hooks and eyes, or snaps - replace or re-attach
• Miscellaneous tears and holes
• Fur, suede and leather
• Gowns
• Drapes, bedding and linens

Wash and Fold

Too busy for laundry? Bring it to any of our stores or use our free pick up and delivery service. We will wash, dry, fold and return them to you ready to wear, so that you can take care of the more important things in your life. Save time and money by joining our VIP Rewards Club. You no longer have to wait in line and you will earn free dry cleaning, too!

Fur, Suede and Leather

We remove stains, water-proof and repair suede and leather garments. Our cleaning rejuvenates and restores the original quality of your suedes, leathers and furs. In addition, we offer seasonal fur storage in our secure temperature and humidity controlled vaults

Garment Storage

Limited closet space? Moth holes in your wool sweaters? Don't put soiled clothing in storage. Bring your off-season garments to have them cleaned, pressed and stored at ONE PRICE CLEANERS & ALTERATION. Your garments will be returned to you next season ready to wear!

Wedding Gowns Alterations, Cleaning and Preservation

Your wedding day will undeniably be one of the most memorable days of your life. Preserve these wonderful memories by passing your beautiful wedding gown down to other family members! We guarantee you will be extremely impressed by our wedding gown preservation services.

Before the Wedding - Alterations and Cleaning

Take your wedding gown to our expert tailors for minor alterations. We will press your gown before you take your wedding pictures. After your pictures, we will touch up any spots if necessary. Then we will press your gown again before your wedding day.

After the Wedding - Preservation

Whether you keep your wedding dress after the wedding or give it away, remember to get it cleaned first. Cleaning your wedding dress will remove limousine stains, reception spills, sweat, makeup, wedding cake and other dirt before it "sets in" permanently.

Our trained specialists will individually hand clean and hand finish each wedding dress on our premises. We carefully inspect for spots, tears and stains. Before pre-treating any stains, we test to determine if the beading or ornaments on your dress are suitable for dry cleaning.

We then clean the wedding dress with gentle effective cleaning solutions. We fluff-dry it and do any needed small repairs such as sewing on buttons and beads. We then press and hand finish the dress, iron each layer separately while paying special attention to lace work, bows and beads. After a final inspection, we carefully shape and pack your dress and accessories with tissue paper for safe storage in the best archival quality box available. We also put items such as gloves, hats and shoes in the box along with your dress. Finally we have it delivered to you anywhere within the United States.

Our wedding gown preservation service guarantees that your dress will stay just as elegant as it was on the day that you said "I Do." We also provide other services to revitalize other family heirlooms such as

• Wedding Gowns
• Christening Gowns
• Vintage Clothing
• Prom Dresses
• Museum Pieces
• Doll Dresses
• Heirloom Quilts
• Heirloom Linens and Doilies

Household Items

Bring us your hard-to-clean household items such as linens, duvets, bed spreads, comforters, blankets, curtains and drapes, rugs, or even tapestry. Our trained staff will inspect each item for signs of sun damage and other things that are common in household items. We use environmentally friendly dry cleaning or wet cleaning products. We program our machines to run on the gentler cycles so that they don't cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Don't forget to take advantage of our free pick-up and delivery service for large household items!

Clothing Restoration

Specialists in restoring textiles damaged by fire, smoke, water or exposure to mold and other contaminants Sarni Cleaners of Greater Boston has experienced, highly trained textile restoration specialists who perform insurance restoration laundry and dry cleaning services for all types of loss. Our services include

•On-site, room-by-room inventory
•Detailed list of restored and non-salvageable items
•"Rush" service to reduce ALE
•Prompt invoicing to set reserves quickly
•In-plant alterations and repair service
•Secure onsite storage and delivery back to property owner when ready

We are dedicated to help families recover from fires and floods who have experienced an accident or disaster by restoring their garments and other fabric items.